Most honda vehicles starting from 1996+ have a stock immobilizier. A part of this immobilizier is located in the ECU which will make it difficult to change the ECU. (i.e. for replacement with a Chipped ECU, replacement for Repair, temorary replacement for trouble shooting, etc ...)


To solve this problem, replace the immbolizier-board of the ECU with our Mobilizer Modul.

At There are two different board installed in the ECU's. In the cars, build 1996-1999 it was the IMMO-A0 (see our other Product "Mobilizer-Board-A0") and in the cars build 1999-2001 the Board FX01, HIC1 or HCRL1. You can easy determine the two board from couting the pins. The IMMO-A0 has 10 pins and the FX01, HIC1 and HCRL has 12 pins.