ProECU-K is a scalable tuning solution for the Honda K20 ECUs of the Years
2001-2005, and the years 2005-2006 with additional help of an adapter

The Base package already offers everything the most customer needs, like
the tuning of the ECU and almost every available additional feature. This
includes i.e. Map Sensors, Boost Control by PWM, Launch Control, Flatshift,
Antilag, etc. All this without any Piggyback or Daughterboard installed into
the ECU!

For Datalogging without PC we have a USB-Logger available. This is an
equivalent to the On-Board Logger of other systems. Our USB-Logger records
the data on a standard USB-Stick. This is done already in the right data
format of the ProECU-K Software. No converting or time consuming download
of Data necessary! Just connect the USB-Stick to the PC and analyze the
Data. The included 4GB Stick has the capability of recording up to 1000
hours of data.

Depending on the requirements the system is expandable trough the
“Expansion Bus”. This Port gives the ability to connect additional Sensors,
Displays, WiFi-Interface or other Interfaces (i.e. for Dashboards).

The PC Software is plain and simple structured and is easy to use. For the
complex 3D-Tables the program has some aids like the colored difference of
the active cells and assistance when editing. Functions are nicely arranged
and summarized. Some Tables can be simple import-/exported, i.e. Injector
Dead time, Gear Boxes, Map Sensors, etc. When working in the 3D view a
new intuitive support does help to navigate through the tables. No more
flipped axes and cursor movements!

The Online window shows all ECU parameters in real time.
The “Dashboard” is freely configurable. The Sensor-Tab shows a lot more
information’s of the sensors. Of course, the error codes can be shown as
well and cleared by just a click. The same works for the readiness codes,

The Tuner console offers a Lambda and Knock count trace. This makes
tuning of the fuel tables almost a breeze. Select cells, right click and enter
correction. The input will be executed direct in the fuel tables. When
SMART-Edit is active the correction will be automatically executed in the
next table (cam angle), when necessary. The Knock trace will help find the
point where it happens. Even as by the Lambda trace these tables are
direct editable, just right click … plain and simple …

The datalogs are viewed graphically. It’s possible to view up to twelve (12)
sensors at a time (in one, two or three split window). With the SMART-Select
function the current selected part of the datalog will be used to select the
cells in the tables. This makes editing much easier because no more searching
for the right load and RPM points.

As already mentioned the ECU’s hardware can be expanded. Are additional
Sensors required use the Expansion-Box to add one (1) EGT-Sensor, five
(5) Analog Sensors and two (2) Digital Inputs. The EGT Sensor is converted
by a modern semiconductor and the result is digitally forwarded. With this the
error in measurement of the K-Type Thermocouple is minimized. To the digital
inputs is possible to connect switches or similar.

As a compact, robust and very good readable display we offer the
Dot-Display. This display utilizes an OLED Display, which is extremely rich
in contrast and therefore even good readable at sunlight. The display comes
with a setup software to configure the display and the shown sensors.

Graphically more advanced we offer an Android App call DroiDash-K.
The Android Device is connected by WiFi to the ECU. The App offers several
graphical layouts up to a race dash design. Beside of this, it even offers a
tabular view (i.e. for troubleshooting or overview) and even to read and reset
the error codes. Just with a touch at the screen. Wireless!

Professional Dashboards like the AIM MXL (Pista, Strada) can be connected
with the AIM-Interface. This interface provides a standard RS232 Interface
and can be used to connect other display or for other applications.

What is necessary for the installation?

To convert a stock ECU to a ProECU-K the ECU must be sent to us or to
an installer. Although our system needs no Piggyback or Daughterboard,
it’s even necessary to do some modification to the ECU. The turnover time
is 1-2 working days (without shipping time, without weekends and holidays).
We even offer ProECU-K with used ECUs. As long as in stock we offer PRA
from the European Civic Type R, EP3 and PND (converted to PRB) from the

ECUs we can convert to ProECU-K:

• PRA-E00 to PRA-E13
• PRB-A00 to PRB-A12
• PRC-…
• PRD-…
• PND-A00 to PND-A09
• PND-A50 to PND-A59 (with additional auto to manual conversion)
• PNF-A...
• PNL-G...
• PPA-…

ProECU-K includes:

• Modification of the ECU
• USB Connection Cable
• Softwarelicense for the Tuningpackage
(Software as Download from our Server)

System Requirements for the PC Software:

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10, 11
CPU 1 GHz+
Ram 1 GB+
Harddrive 10MB+ free
USB 2.0 Port
Screen Resolution 1440x900 or higher recommended

• Edit Fuel, Ignition and Cam Tables
• Expanded Tables for Boost (20x20 Cells)
• ITBs / Alpha-N Tuning
• 2D & 3D Graphics and Edit in Graphic Mode
• Fuel Scaler for bigger Injectors
• Fuel Corrections
• Ignition Corrections
• VTEC Control incl. full VTEC Window
• VTEC Control by TPS
• VTC Locking, Disabling
• Idle Control
• Rev Limiters, Fuel and Ignition Cut
• AUX Rev Limiter
• Shiftlight by Gear
• Launch Control (2 Step) by Ignition Cut
• Launch Control User Setable
• Push & Hold Limiter / Rolling Anti Lag
• Flatshift (3 Step) by Igniton Cut
• Flatshift by Gear
• Antilag for Launch Control and Flatshift
• Shiftcut for Sequential Gearboxes by Ignition Cut
• Shiftcut by Gear
• Closed Loop Shiftcut
• Analog Trigger, i.e. for Strian Gauge or Clutch Pot.
• Switchable Crackle Tune
• Lambda Control
• external Wideband as AF Sensor and/or in Datalog
• Failsave Function
• Immobilizer Disabling or Bypassing
• Immobilizer Learn with one Click
• Knocksensor Control
• Fan Control
• 2nd Fan Control
• Automatic AC off
• ECU Password Protection
• OBDII Error Handling
• Override OBDII Answers
• Support for any linear MAP Sensor
• Easy TPS Calibration
• Gear Ratio Setup with easy learn Function
• Gear from Analog Source (i.e. Sequential Gearbox)
• Support for non Stock IAT Sensor
• Support for non Stock ECT Sensor
• Additional Sensors (6) with Limitcheck
• Additional PWM Output (i.e. for speed controlled Waterpump)
• variable Frequency Output for Vehicle Speed
• S2000 Dashboard Watertemp. Signal Output
• Engine Protection
• Boost Cut
• Boost Control Valve Control by PWM
• Boost Control by Gear
• two Sets of Boost Control
• Nitrous or General Output
• Flex Fuel (direct Ethanol Content Sensor connection)
• Barometric Correction
• Traction Control support
• Userconfigurable Dashboard
• Realtime Display of ECU Sensors and Parameters
• Errorcodes (DTC) And Readiness Codes
• Realtime Datalogging
• Graphical View of Datalog
• Select Tables from Datalog
• Datalog to USB Stick
• Android Dashboard Application
• Interface to Dashboard
• Highspeed USB Communication
• Runs from stock ECU Hardware, no Piggypack or Daughterboard needed!

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